Our history and our commitments


Founded by a globetrotter, entrepreneur and passionate surfer, Oceansrespect offers a range of eco-designed products that are alternatives to plastic and biodegradable for a perfect balance between your lifestyle and respect for the environment. 🌊🌍🌱

The click 😱

Our story began in 2014, in the Philippines, where Robin was working on the development of a micro-financing company intended to promote the development of local projects.

Passionate about surfing, he took advantage of this expatriation to discover the best “spots” in the country. However, upon arriving at the “paradise” beaches, he quickly noticed that they had become immense landfills.

Plastic pollution and its consequences were then very concrete and appalling.

Values ​​🌊

A lover of nature and travel and particularly sensitive to respecting the environment and its protection, he has set up coastal cleaning campaigns with the help of the local population. 🙏

He quickly noticed that many plastic toothbrushes were present among the waste.

The observation 🌍

After some research, he learned that 91% of plastic waste was not recycled. ♻

Furthermore, more than 4.9 billion plastic toothbrushes are thrown away each year, ending up in our landfills...and our oceans. 🐳

The project 🌱

He therefore began looking for an alternative that was more respectful of nature.

Very quickly, his studies led him to bamboo, a solid material, almost inexhaustible and biodegradable. Shortly after, Oceansrespect was founded.

The mission 💙

Oceansrespect aims to reduce our plastic waste by offering more eco-responsible solutions.

The project started with a simple toothbrush made from natural and sustainable bamboo .

Then, the company diversified in order to offer ever more eco-designed products that are alternatives to plastic and biodegradable .

The commitment


In order to protect our oceans, we are committed to donating 4% of our turnover to non-profit organizations committed to protecting the environment.

You can consult the list of partner initiatives here:


Our carbon footprint is negative thanks to an eco-compensation system that we have put in place (tree planting, coastal cleaning, coral protection, etc.). 😉