frequently asked Questions


Where are your products manufactured?

Our products are manufactured all over the world. We manufacture some products in Asia, others in Europe, Africa or North America.

We try as much as possible to favor local production, however, we always take into account the total carbon footprint of the product, from the production of the materials necessary for its manufacture, to its destruction (natural or industrial).

Thus, and quite counter-intuitively, an item made in China is sometimes less polluting than a local product. This is for example the case of bamboo toothbrushes made in China compared to beech toothbrushes made in France.

Are your products produced responsibly?

At Oceansrespect, we work closely with our suppliers to source only the best raw materials, grown or produced in a way that does not harm people, animals or the environment.

We work with the Forrest Stewardship Council (FSC) and support our partners' Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) policy to ensure the sustainable cultivation of natural bamboo forests and the safety of our workers.

We guarantee decent working conditions through the implementation of certain mechanisms such as an internal Code of Conduct, monthly reports and regular visits to our partner factories.

What about transport-related pollution?

Although we strongly favor local production and the cleanest production possible, some of the products or the materials used to manufacture them nevertheless come from Asia. Their transport to France therefore seems anything but ecological.

However, we use different processes to significantly reduce the impact of these imports on the environment and have a minimal carbon footprint.

Indeed, we practice sharing containers in order to use their smallest spaces. They would have remained unused without the addition of our products whose small volume allows them to be integrated into very small spaces.

We use rail transport and not air freight which is much more polluting. Rail transport takes longer but its environmental footprint is extremely small.

Our products are shipped in recycled paper envelopes or in completely plastic-free upcycled boxes. Our deliveries are carbon neutral thanks to our partner, La Poste, which is committed to the neutrality of its carbon footprint for the delivery of mail and parcels.

And your waste production?

All our products are sold either in bulk or packaged in 100% recycled cardboard. Printing with water-based ink certified by the OEKO-TEX ECO-PASSEPORT guarantees its perfect biodegradability. It can be thrown away with your other organic waste.

We do not use any plastic at any time in our production chain and for the delivery of our products.

Regarding wastewater, all our partner factories are equipped with effluent treatment plants which eliminate toxic substances present in the water and thus allow its reuse.

Have you set up an eco-compensation system for your carbon footprint?

Yes, in order to protect our oceans, we are committed to donating 4% of our turnover to non-profit organizations committed to protecting the environment.

Furthermore, our carbon footprint is negative thanks to an eco-compensation system that we have put in place (tree planting, coastal cleaning, coral protection, etc.).

What are the shipping times for your products?

We take 1 to 2 days to process your order then 1 to 5 days to deliver it to you depending on your address.

Do you ship anywhere in the world?

Yes, absolutely. We ship worldwide.

Where do you ship your products from?

Our offices are located in Montpellier, France, and we have different logistics warehouses in France and Europe in which some of our products are stored and shipped.

Do you provide order tracking information?

Yes, a tracking number is communicated by email after each order.

If it does not work, we invite you to wait 3 days after your order and to write to us at if necessary.

Some items are missing from my order, what's happening?

Our products may sometimes be shipped separately depending on your order.

For example, if this contains items from two different warehouses, there will therefore be two deliveries.

The rest of the order will most likely arrive shortly.

I received a damaged item. What can I do ?

We are sorry to hear this.

Simply send us a photo of the damaged item in question to the email address and we will send you a replacement item as quickly as possible.

I still have not received my order. What's taking so long?

We apologize for the delay.

Sometimes shipping may take longer than expected due to.

You can, however, track your order and see where it is at any time.

If you still feel you need help tracking your package or would like to inquire about it, please contact us by email at the following address:

Do you have a return/refund policy?

We do our best to resolve any issues our customers may encounter with their online items.

If you still wish to return the product to replace it and/or receive a refund on your order, this is obviously possible, in the event that the appeal is made within 30 days following the date of the order and the products concerned are not on sale.

For more information, please read more about our refund policy .