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He was a Veggie : He was a Veggie is a “green lifestyle” media born in 2017 when Corinne, its creator, became vegetarian for the animal cause. She recounts her journey, her awareness of ecological issues and shares her advice and discoveries for adopting an ethical and sustainable lifestyle.

Comparisons, Files, Focus on brands, Vegan recipes , Ethical fashion, DIY, Zero waste routine, Natural cosmetics, Good vegan addresses, etc.

It's a concentrate of information to help you consume less and better, and support you in your ecological transition in a fulfilling and caring way.

Because here, no ecological mental load, you draw on its good tips and green favorites at your own pace and according to your needs.

Frequency 3 : First associative and French-speaking web radio in the world.

  • Chronicle of Marine Garel:

    La Bonne Vague : The media that scours good French ideas.

    The Brand Site : The Brand Site is the essential site for consumers, points of sale and e-commerce sites! You will find promotions, photos and news from your favorite brands!

    Green Kit : GreenKit supports individuals and professionals in their ecological transition.

    E-Thics Market : Hundreds of products to facilitate the transition to more engaged consumption.

    Swim4Sea : This association aims to participate in the preservation of the environment and more particularly aquatic environments by participating, organizing and creating events for sporting, cultural and/or educational purposes.


    Nuoo Box : The beauty box and e-shop that select the best of natural and organic beauty.

    She Cares Box : The first eco-responsible and feminist French quarterly box.

    WeLoveRaw : Weloveraw supports you with a holistic approach (global approach to the individual: body & mind) and in an ethical manner towards a healthy, radiant and sustainable lifestyle.

    All Boxes : All Boxes tests and compares for you the best monthly Boxes on the market.


    Wavager : Wavager is an app for exchanging and sharing points of interest between travelers.

    LePtiKMion : The slightly crazy project of going on a world tour in a truck, with the family.

    TravelBurners : Preparing for a Tour of Africa #AfricaExpedition with our Defender - a 1998 Land Rover 4x4 currently being converted.

    Departure: October 2021

    • 2 years minimum
    • + 40 countries to cross
    • Web series on Youtube

    The 4 Astropics : The story of a shared dream, 8 months around the Atlantic by sailboat.

    My travel Corner : The STA project, for Slow travel Asia, is a year of slow travel in Asia, new experiences, humanitarian commitments and meetings, with an eco-responsible approach.

    Migratory Bikes : The goal of Migratory Bikes? Live and share adventures while respecting nature 🌿

    Journey&6 : America in full length and with family.


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