Nouveau partenariat BtoB en Asie / Océanie avec Peeba

New BtoB partnership in Asia / Oceania with Peeba

We are proud to announce a new partnership with the largest BtoB platform in Asia and Oceania: Peeba

Peeba is a platform that connects independent retailers across Asia to their brand catalog.

With over millions of retailers based in Asia, they help their brands grow sales in a whole new market, hassle-free.

Although the wholesale model has definitely evolved over the years, there remain many inefficiencies and uncertainties when it comes to managing cross-border logistics for growing accounts in Asian markets.

Peeba takes care of end-to-end cross-border logistics, customs, duties and taxes while ensuring that goods are shipped smoothly to the retailer.

Since launching their product in June 2020, they have partnered with over 2,000 unique brands with over 100,000 products to offer in Asian retail stores, and they have developed machine learning algorithms to connect the retailers to brands that they guarantee will sell.

Founded in 2019, their team combines decades of experience in supply chain and technology with the goal of bringing the retail supply chain into the modern era.

They are based in Hong Kong and backed by the best, including Bluebell Group and venture capital funds from the US, EU and Asia.

Their mission: To become the intelligent operating system that powers the future of commerce and transform the way local retailers buy for their stores.

To all our professional customers located in Asia or Oceania, Peeba offers $100 purchase credit on your first order here thanks to the Peeba Direct program:

Enjoy! ;)

What is Peeba Direct?

Peeba Direct is a program that allows you to use Peeba with our existing resellers and prospects.

Designed to streamline the order fulfillment process with existing retailers, Peeba Direct also incentivizes our prospects to place their first order with us.

Additionally, we will pay 0% commission on all Peeba Direct orders.

With Peeba Direct, our retailers and prospects receive a $100 credit on their first order and free shipping on all orders with us for a year - with us!


Peeba Direct is only applicable to new retailers who are not yet on Peeba.

Benefits for our retailers and prospects

  • $100 off your first order from our brand (new signup only)
  • Free delivery for one year on our brand (new registration only)
  • Access to Net 60 terms sponsored by Peeba
  • Free returns on first orders (covered by Peeba)

Benefits for us

  • 0% commission on all Peeba Direct orders
  • Increase our sales by offering incentives to our retailers and prospects, including a $100 discount on our brand
  • Offer free delivery to our resellers for 1 year*

Peeba Direct is free for Peeba brand partners

Note : The $100 credit expires 7 days after the retailer creates the account.

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