Nouveau partenariat : Ankorstore x Oceansrespect

New partnership: Ankorstore x Oceansrespect

Today, we are proud to announce a new partnership with the BtoB platform Ankorstore .

This partnership aims to more easily promote more sustainable and responsible consumption among European companies.

Receive €150 free on a first order of Oceansrespect products with the code LIFT-100-BCLXYAUH or via the following link:

Summary :

  • Presentation of Oceansrespect
  • Presentation of Ankorstore
  • Objectives and benefits of the partnership
  • How will this partnership work in practice?

Presentation of Oceansrespect:

Founded by a globetrotter, entrepreneur and passionate surfer, Oceansrespect offers a range of eco-designed products that are alternatives to plastic and biodegradable for a perfect balance between your lifestyle and respect for the environment.

Oceansrespect is a brand that aims to raise consumer awareness of environmental issues linked to overconsumption and ocean pollution.

It offers a range of eco-responsible, zero waste products, organic cotton clothing and biodegradable iPhone cases.


Oceansrespect aims to reduce our plastic waste by offering more eco-responsible solutions.

The project started with a simple toothbrush made from natural and sustainable bamboo.

Then, the company diversified in order to offer ever more eco-designed products that are alternatives to plastic and biodegradable.


In order to protect our oceans, we are committed to donating 4% of our turnover to non-profit organizations committed to protecting the environment.

Furthermore, our carbon footprint is negative thanks to an eco-compensation system that we have put in place (tree planting, coastal cleaning, coral protection, etc.).


At Oceansrespect, we work closely with our suppliers to source only the best raw materials, grown or produced in a way that does not harm people, animals or the environment.

We work with the Forrest Stewardship Council (FSC) and support our partners' Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) policy to ensure the sustainable cultivation of natural bamboo forests and the safety of our workers.

We guarantee decent working conditions through the implementation of certain mechanisms such as an internal Code of Conduct, monthly reports and regular visits to our partner factories.


Although we strongly favor local production and the cleanest production possible, some of the products or the materials used to manufacture them nevertheless come from Asia. Their transport to France therefore seems anything but ecological.

However, we use different processes to significantly reduce the impact of these imports on the environment and have a minimal carbon footprint.

Indeed, we practice sharing containers in order to use their smallest spaces. They would have remained unused without the addition of our products whose small volume allows them to be integrated into very small spaces.

We use rail transport and not air freight which is much more polluting. Rail transport takes longer but its environmental footprint is extremely small.

Our products are shipped in recycled paper envelopes or in completely plastic-free upcycled boxes. Our deliveries are carbon neutral thanks to our partner, La Poste, which is committed to the neutrality of its carbon footprint for the delivery of mail and parcels.


All our products are sold either in bulk or packaged in 100% recycled cardboard. Printing with water-based ink certified by the OEKO-TEX ECO-PASSEPORT guarantees its perfect biodegradability. It can be thrown away with your other organic waste.

We do not use any plastic at any time in our production chain and for the delivery of our products.

Regarding wastewater, all our partner factories are equipped with effluent treatment plants which eliminate toxic substances present in the water and thus allow its reuse.


Acting for the climate means first identifying and then reducing the greenhouse gases that we emit on a daily basis and on which we can act at the source.

At the same time, carbon offsetting makes it possible to act on the share of incompressible greenhouse gas emissions that we cannot or do not yet know how to reduce satisfactorily, by supporting environmental and social field projects.

The carbon footprint of our company is eco-compensated, in particular thanks to the implementation of concrete actions on the ground, carried out by us or our partners, such as cleaning coastlines, planting trees or financing various eco-responsible initiatives around the world.


In order to protect our oceans, we are committed to donating 4% of our turnover to non-profit organizations committed to protecting the environment.

You can consult the list of partner initiatives here:

Presentation of Ankorstore:

Ankorstore European success story

In just two years, Ankorstore is present in 33 countries across Europe and has local offices in France, Spain, Germany, the United Kingdom, the Netherlands and Sweden.

Ankorstore was founded by entrepreneurs for entrepreneurs and is a partner of more than 250,000 retailers, florists, coffee shops and other concept stores across Europe - looking for authentic products and brands that the retail giants e-commerce like Amazon does not offer.

The Ankorstore marketplace offers a product catalog of more than 20,000 European brands to retailers who want to offer their customers a differentiated shopping experience and new products.

Activity across Europe tripled in the first four months of 2021, despite half of Ankorstore -affiliated retailers closing their doors during lockdowns.

This dynamism can be explained by the tools put in place by Ankorstore to support independent retailers and brands.

  • 60-day payment terms that facilitate stock renewal when stores reopen on favorable terms.
  • Minimized risk for retailers with a minimum order of €100 per brand, unlike the minimums usually imposed in a commercial relationship outside the platform.
  • Simplification of ordering with the possibility of placing a single bulk order with several brands.

Why Ankorstore?


Independent boutiques, concept stores, florists, coffee shops... Retail can only compete with e-commerce and mass distribution giants if it offers attractive and differentiating products that will win the loyalty of its customers.


Ankorstore is changing the way independent wholesalers do business. Independent businesses support local economies, not corporations. They employ an ecosystem of creative people. They value conservation and know-how in mass market transactions. They're doing what they can to make it all work, and they're doing a great job.

With over a decade of experience in online retail, Ankorstore's founding team knew how to jump in and build a global wholesale business to level the playing field was now.

By founding Ankorstore in 2019, they set themselves the goal of creating a virtuous ecosystem to exclusively serve independent merchants and niche brands by revolutionizing the wholesale approach.

Their goal

“Be a catalyst that drives the evolution of independent retail.”

Much more than just a wholesaler, Ankorstore is a marketplace dedicated exclusively to small businesses and independent brands, equipped with cutting-edge technology and a cutting-edge catalog where you can filter products by category such as food, interior home, fashion, cosmetics, etc.

It is a business community that brings together retailers, brands, financial tools, logistics management and Customer Relationship Management Tools.

Their mission

Promote the development and growth of authentic retailers and help European brands expand their customer base.

Their vision

A world where independent retailers and brands thrive and compete on a global scale.


Ankorstore builds lasting relationships”

Their entire ecosystem, global and committed, supports independent traders and brands sharing the same values. Thus, it allows them to build lasting relationships and collaborate in better conditions, while benefiting from advanced technologies, tools, as well as financial and logistical support.


Ankorstore creates the conditions for perfect collaboration between brands and merchants” Involved in retail, the platform defends independents and allows them to prosper according to their own rules.

By creating mutually favorable conditions for brands and merchants, it helps generate growth, create new businesses, new brands, new opportunities and new projects for the Ankorstore community.


Ankorstore gives independent workers their place within local communities”

The platform celebrates and highlights what makes freelancers unique:

  • their agility,
  • their authenticity
  • their diversity

In a desire to compete with major brands and e-commerce giants, it is reinventing independent commerce by developing the visibility of their community and allowing their merchants to optimize their cash flow, while maintaining their creativity.

Objectives and benefits of the partnership:

The partnership between Oceansrespect and Ankorstore aims to promote more sustainable and responsible consumption among companies.

The two companies are joining forces to offer businesses quality eco-responsible products, while informing them about the environmental issues linked to overconsumption and ocean pollution.

How will this partnership work in practice?

The partnership between Oceansrespect and Ankorstore will materialize by highlighting Oceansrespect's eco-responsible products on the Ankorstore platform.

Businesses will therefore be able to easily find and purchase these products on the platform.

In addition, Oceansrespect and Ankorstore will organize events and workshops to raise awareness of environmental issues among businesses and show them how they can adopt more sustainable and responsible consumption.


The partnership between Oceansrespect and Ankorstore is a step forward in promoting more sustainable and responsible consumption among businesses.

By joining forces, the two companies can offer quality eco-responsible products and raise business awareness of the environmental issues linked to overconsumption and ocean pollution.

This collaboration aims to help businesses adopt more sustainable practices and contribute to the protection of our planet.

This is a great example of how businesses can come together to make a real difference in the fight against climate change and protecting the environment.

We hope this partnership will inspire other businesses to follow suit and adopt more sustainable practices for a greener, healthier future.

How to order on Ankorstore?

Receive €150 free on a first order of Oceansrespect products with the code LIFT-100-BCLXYAUH or via the following link:

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