Oceansrespect : Boutique en ligne, fabricant et grossiste zéro déchet

Oceansrespect: Zero waste online store, manufacturer and wholesaler

1. What is zero waste?

A. Definition of zero waste

Zero waste is an environmental protection movement which aims to reduce the waste of resources, the quantity of waste emitted and its toxicity.

He is opposed to the production of single-use objects and certain methods of waste treatment.

B. Examples of zero waste products

Zero waste household products are already well known to the public.

The use of white vinegar in bulk in refillable glass bottles is a well-known example of an alternative, plastic-free product to products generally sold in large retailers.

Less well known, zero waste items for the bathroom, such as wooden/bamboo toothbrushes , biodegradable dental floss or even bamboo cotton swabs , are perfect examples of 0 waste products.

Even rarer, everyday products, such as biodegradable phone cases or organic cotton clothing , guaranteed plastic-free from manufacturing to delivery, also constitute an interesting eco-responsible alternative to favor.

Zero waste wholesaler

2. Presentation of Oceansrespect

Founded by a globetrotter, entrepreneur and passionate surfer, Oceansrespect offers a range of eco-designed products that are alternatives to plastic and biodegradable for a perfect balance between your lifestyle and respect for the environment.

Oceansrespect is both a brand with an online store offering zero waste accessories and a supplier of eco-responsible products for professionals .

A. Oceansrespect: A zero waste online store

On the zero waste online store of the Oceansrespect brand, we offer three different types of zero waste products:

1. Zero waste products for the home (organic toothpaste in chewable tablets, natural konjac sponges, bamboo straws, etc.).

2. Biodegradable iPhone cases , made only from natural and biodegradable materials, printed with inks certified by the Oeko-Tex Eco-passport, instantly dried using UV lamps (low temperature LED, more durable and economical, which do not need any warm-up time to dry the ink, saving time and energy).

3. Organic cotton clothing made in France in 100% organic cotton, pesticide-free cotton, with less water, to preserve our environment, and printed with biodegradable vegetable ink.

has. Where are we present to order as an individual?

  • Online

In addition to our online store, you can also find us on several other partner sites, marketplaces and zero waste online stores.

To name a few, you can order our products on Etsy , Greenweez or Amazon .

In addition, you can find our products, among others, on the Casino , Carrefour , Intermarché or La Redoute Marketplaces.


  • In store

We are sold in many organic stores, bulk grocery stores and pharmacies.

You will find us in particular at Naturalia, Biomonde, Humasana, La Vie Claire, Day by Day or L'Eau Vive.

Finally, you can buy our eco-responsible items at our points of sale in France and abroad, the list of which you will find here .


B. Oceansrespect: A manufacturer of zero waste products

As a supplier of zero waste products, we offer professionals a range of eco-responsible items, alternatives to plastic and biodegradable, intended for resale in physical and online points of sale.

BtoB occupies a significant part of our activity and, in addition to supplying our hundreds of resellers around the world, we also offer to personalize our white label products (the white label is a product designed by a company, that of other companies take over on their own and market under their own brand) or co-branded and thus supply several other brands in the field of zero waste.

has. Our factories:

We manufacture most of our products in our partner factories.

Depending on the materials used, they can be located in Europe, Asia, North America or Africa.

Oceansrespect factory

C. Oceansrespect: A wholesaler of zero waste products

We also offer for sale items manufactured by other suppliers which we offer in white label or without brand to our network of professional resellers and to our individual customers.

These products can be manufactured worldwide and are purchased in large quantities with negotiated rates, imported, cleared by us and retailed at the best price.

has. Where are we present to order as a professional?

Are you a zero waste professional, a bulk grocery store, an organic store, a pharmacy or an eco-responsible concept store and would like to order from us?

The first option is to contact us at contact@oceansrespect.com to present your project and receive our professional offers.

The second option, and the one we currently favor, is to use the following BtoB platforms which offer many advantages:

Commitment to the planet

D. Our commitments for the planet

Each product is developed under the best conditions so that it is as responsible and ethical as possible, while respecting the environment as much as possible.


We work closely with various labels (FSC - Forrest Stewardship Council), Fair Wear Foundation (FWF), etc., and support the corporate social responsibility (CSR) policy of our partners to ensure the safety of our workers .

We guarantee decent working conditions through the implementation of certain mechanisms such as an internal Code of Conduct, monthly reports and regular visits to our partner factories.


Only a few factories work in partnership with our supply chain. This allows us to build long-term relationships of mutual support and trust with each of them.


We collect data from across our supply chain to better assess and reduce our environmental impact.

The carbon footprint of our company is eco-compensated, in particular thanks to the implementation of concrete actions on the ground, carried out by us or our partners, such as cleaning coastlines, planting trees or financing various eco-responsible initiatives around the world.

Regarding wastewater, all our partner factories are equipped with effluent treatment plants which eliminate toxic substances present in the water and thus allow its reuse.

Commitment to the planet


In order to protect our oceans, we are committed to donating 4% of our turnover to non-profit organizations committed to protecting the environment.


Furthermore, our carbon footprint is negative thanks to an eco-compensation system that we have put in place (tree planting, coastal cleaning, coral protection, etc.).


Even though the quest for sustainability is endless, we like to propose new, innovative ways of working that have a positive impact on people and the planet.

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E. Become a zero waste ambassador at Oceansrespect

  • Ambassador program presentation

Are you an individual or a professional concerned by current environmental issues and would like to highlight a new, more responsible way of consuming?

Our Ambassador program is made for you!

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