Nouveau partenariat : Faire x Oceansrespect

New partnership: Make x Oceansrespect

We are proud to announce a new partnership between Oceansrespect and the largest BtoB platform in the world: Faire !


The platform that connects more than 400,000 local merchants with more than 60,000 inspiring brands.

Presentation of Faire

Faire was founded in 2017 on the belief that the future of retail is local. Their mission is to help independent entrepreneurs pursue their dreams, whether it's the artisan candle maker hoping to expand their business or the enterprising merchant stocking their shelves with unique goods for their community. That's what Faire is all about, an online wholesale marketplace that allows small business owners and independent brands to buy and sell in bulk online.

For merchants purchasing products in bulk, Faire offers simple financial and logistical terms, such as free returns and net 60-day payment terms, that were previously only available to large chain stores. For brands, this platform provides powerful sales, marketing, and analytics tools, so sellers can simplify their wholesale business and focus on what they love: creating great products.

Faire has already connected more than 400,000 local merchants with tens of thousands of emerging and established brands, and is inspired every day by the creativity, resilience and spirit of those fueling the buy local movement.

Faire has operations in San Francisco, Kitchener-Waterloo, Toronto and Salt Lake City, and is backed by investors including Y Combinator, Lightspeed Venture Partners, Forerunner Ventures, Khosla Ventures, Sequoia Capital, Founders Fund and DST Global.

The benefits of Faire for traders

  • No minimum order on certain brands

Faire offers thousands of items and brands with no minimum order.

  • 60-day payment for buyers

Offer 60-day payment terms so retailers can order your products now and pay 60 days later.

  • A €300 voucher to be used for any first order

Offer a €300 voucher for any first order on the platform.

To take advantage of it: 👉 click here!

The benefits of Making for brands

  • Increased visibility

With more than 400,000 retailers, Faire is the largest BtoB platform in the world. The possibilities for finding new resellers are therefore almost unlimited.

  • Payment within 30 days

Make offers 30-day settlement terms so brands can get paid quickly while merchants can pay 60 days later.

  • Management tools offered
Faire offers several management tools such as a CRM, an auto-responder and many other services that are very useful in your marketing.

To register your brand: 👉 click here !


For traders:

How to start buying on Faire?

Faire is an online wholesale platform that allows you to find exceptional new products for your stores.

It puts you directly in touch with new brands which will be at the origin of your best sellers . If not, she takes these products again, no questions asked:

  • The first order you place with each brand can be returned free of charge within 60 days from the order date. Make even sends a prepaid shipping label to return the items!

  • Net 60 day payment terms are available for all your orders (for eligible retailers).

To register as a retailer, create an account here .

It is important to indicate correct information during registration. The more information you provide at registration, the less time you should have to wait to receive orders.

How do returns work?

Make an offer free returns on first order that you pass by any brand , so you can shop new ranges online with confidence.

These free returns are only possible for your first order with a new brand; any new order from this same brand cannot be returned free of charge.

If your account has a net 60 day payment term, Faire will not charge you for the products you wish to return. If you pay on shipping, all returns will be refunded directly to your original payment method.

Noticed :

  • Once you submit your return request, Faire will email you a prepaid shipping label with which you can return the items to Faire.
  • Faire only offers free returns on the first order you place with each brand. So, if you order items from the same range again, they believe that both you and your customers are satisfied with the products.
  • Personalized products cannot be returned and returned items must be unused and in perfect condition.
  • Faire does not accept returns of testers or samples.
  • Noticed : Shipping costs to your store are not refundable. Return shipping costs are covered by Faire. Once the return request is processed, you will receive the shipping label within 72 hours.

Returned items are stored at our premises and then resold to other Faire retailers via the platform. Their warehouse team carefully checks all returns to ensure the items are in perfect condition.

Once the return has been thoroughly inspected and approved for resale, Faire will compile a list of products in our category Collections on sale . They offer a discount on these items because retailers cannot select them like a direct order on the platform.

How can I pay for my orders?

When placing an order on Faire, you must link a credit card or bank account. They cannot accept any other payment method (prepaid cards, checks, etc.).

Noticed : At this time, only US-based retailers can link their bank account to pay for their order.

The date you are charged for an order may vary depending on your account:

  • 60 days net

If you can benefit from the net 60 days, you will only be charged 60 days after your order. Spending limits apply. Faire will automatically charge your default payment method 60 days after the date of your purchase, but if you wish, you can log into your account and pay your outstanding invoices early in the "Invoices" tab.

If you would like to have a larger credit limit or request payment terms, please click on the “Account” drop-down menu and complete the request by clicking on “Increase my limit” or “Request payment terms”.

  • Cash on shipping

For orders that pay for shipping, your payment is due when the product is shipped from the brand. Your default payment method will be automatically charged once the order is in transit. Please be aware that a hold may be placed on your card or bank account prior to shipping. This hold will disappear when the order is shipped or within 7 days if the order takes longer to be processed.

Register on Do: 👉 click here!

For brands:

How to sell on Faire?

Faire is an online wholesale platform aimed at helping you grow and simplify your business. Many independent retailers access the Faire online sales platform to discover new products and take advantage of our risk-free sales conditions. In addition to discovering new retailers, you can also boost the number of orders from your existing accounts and prospects using our Faire Direct tools.

We’re excited to see the brand community on Faire grow! The first step is to submit a request here: Become a seller on Faire

*If you already have an account as a retailer on Faire and would also like to register as a brand, please submit the request using a different email address than the one associated with your retailer account.

Once your application is submitted, you should receive an email from their team regarding the status of your application and next steps within 5-7 business days.

If you have not received a response, please feel free to request information about the status of your application here: Application status

Once your application has been accepted, you will need to provide your catalog, photos and details of your wholesale operation. Their team will then create a Do page for your brand. They take care of everything for you!

As soon as your profile is created, They will send you an activation email. You will then be able to add and modify products on your new Faire account.

How much does it cost to sell on Faire?

By joining Faire's premium platform, you gain instant access to over 400,000 exceptional retailers based around the world. Joining Faire won't cost you a cent : They only take a commission when new customers discover you on our marketplace.

How much should I pay for an order from my existing customers?

  • You benefit from 0% commission when you receive orders from your existing customers.

    There is no commission on orders from your existing resellers or from leads obtained by yourself. Faire does not charge any commission to these merchants when they order through your Make Direct link . Furthermore, these customers are likely to benefit from the payment conditions and registration advantages offered by Faire.

    For more information about Faire Direct and its benefits, check out this guide: What is Faire Direct?

How much is the commission charged when I gain new customers through the marketplace?

  • The standard commission rate for repeat orders is 15%. Faire helps you convert one-time buyers into loyal customers with our CRM (customer relationship management) and email marketing tools.

  • For initial orders, the commission rate is 25%. Faire charges a one-time referral fee of 10% when Faire allows you to land a new customer on Faire. This rate only applies to a new customer's first order. A rate of 15% will be applied to future restockings.

Note: For Make, a repeat order is an order placed at least 24 hours after the first one. If a second order is placed within 24 hours of the first, the rate of 25% will be applied.

What fees are included in the commission?

The commission allows Faire to offer the following services and benefits to their brands:

  • Merchant verification: When a new merchant places an order with you, Faire verifies their reseller and payment information to ensure they meet your sales standards.
  • Logistics: Faire covers all shipping, handling and returns costs.
  • Payment: Making guarantees payments. This way, you will never be a victim of payment defaults.
  • The 60-day payment deadline: Do you always pay in advance , even when you offer a 60-day payment term to merchants with a physical store who place an order with you on Faire.
  • A complete wholesale platform: the commission that Faire charges allows them to invest in new tools (analytics, inventory tracking and marketing, for example) that will help you grow and manage your wholesale business.

How is the remuneration done?

Although Faire offers payment terms to our retailers, they always pay you in advance so that you can continue to source quality materials to maintain your business. You can choose to receive your payment the day after shipping or 30 days net. It is important to know that overnight payments are subject to a 3% processing fee.

When you set up your account, you must provide your banking details. Funds will appear in your bank account within one to two business days of payment processing.

How does shipping work?

You will be able to indicate your usual shipping times during the onboarding process. Your brand page will let retailers know your average lead times, but Faire also asks you to enter an expected ship date once orders are placed.

When you are ready to ship your order, you will be able to choose your shipping method: Shipping items with Faire Or Ship by yourself

  • Shipping items with Faire : this option allows you to print your shipping labels with Faire to benefit from advantageous rates with carriers and pay no delivery costs. You can use this simple interface to generate USPS, UPS or FedEx labels. Make automatically records shipping costs and the shipment tracking number to save you time!
  • Ship by yourself : This option allows you to take care of the shipping yourself. You can use your own carrier to ship this order. Simply enter the shipping cost and tracking number into our system as soon as they become available. Shipping costs will be refunded to you upon full payment of your order.

For more information about shipping your order, click here .

To register your brand: 👉 click here !


Let's work together

Faire works with many types of partners to help revolutionize the way merchants buy for their stores.

01 Sales representatives

Extend Deal terms to merchants for the brands you represent with commission payment tracking.

02 Showrooms

Create virtual showrooms on Faire to showcase your brand collection and extend the benefits of Faire.

03 Integrations

Facilitate workflows for Faire customers by integrating with your inventory management system or ERP system and enabling automated inventory tracking, order management, and product synchronization.

04 Professional associations

Increase your brand visibility on the Faire Marketplace and gain access to a new circle of potential brands and marketers. Learn more

05 Brand and merchant communities

Celebrate and promote your community of brands or merchants on our platform. Create on-ramps for your community to grow as a wholesaler on Faire. Learn more

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