Dentifrice biologique en pastilles à croquer : Une alternative écologique et économique !

Organic toothpaste in chewable tablets: An ecological and economical alternative!

A solid, zero waste and reusable toothpaste:

This solid chewable toothpaste in mint tablets will be the best friend of your ecological toothbrush.

Perfect for traveling thanks to its small, economical and ecological format, you can take it with you wherever you go for always fresh breath.

Once finished, keep the aluminum box and recharge it at one of our partner points of sale or on our online store.

Toothpaste tablets made in Germany are certified 100% organic by the COSMOS NATURAL label , gluten-free, vegan, fluorine-free and plastic-free.

Sold by 60 in a reusable aluminum box (20g).

Oceansrespect solid chewable toothpaste

Solid toothpaste: the opinion of dentists.

100% natural origin , developed and recommended by dentists.

  • Excellent on Yuka.
  • 18.8 /20 on INCI Beauty.

Unlike homemade solid toothpaste, which can sometimes be incorrectly dosed and damage the enamel, you can be sure that this organic solid toothpaste is the ally of clean and healthy teeth for a perfect smile.

If you still want to make your own toothpaste at home, we recommend our homemade toothpaste recipe , tested and approved.

In addition, our organic toothpaste in tablets is guaranteed without fluoride, an effective element in protecting against cavities and harmless in small doses , but which has nevertheless been classified among the ten most toxic products for the environment, and for humans, when it exceeds the recommended intakes.

Scientific studies show that fluoride damages the brain, disrupts behavior and learning, also leading to a drop in the Intelligence Quotient.

Let us add that the latter causes premature puberty, iodine deficiency, with hypothyroidism, and plays a role in the development of bone cancers in young men... The list is long and worrying.

Oceansrespect solid chewable toothpaste

How to use toothpaste in chewable tablets?

  1. Chew the organic toothpaste tablet.
  2. Moisten your natural toothbrush. 💧
  3. Brush your teeth as usual.
  4. Smile! 😁 You have clean teeth with fresh mint breath. ❄

Easy to use, the chewable toothpaste provides fresh breath and fights against dental plaque and the appearance of cavities.

In addition , chewable toothpaste tablets are very practical to use and carry when traveling.

What natural ingredients for our solid toothpaste in tablets?

Made from 100% ingredients of natural origin, our solid toothpaste in tablets constitutes a perfect zero waste alternative since it avoids throwing your toothpaste tubes in the trash and is reusable for life.

Coming only from natural and organic products, our chewable toothpaste is the best solid toothpaste of the moment and the " Amazon's Choice " with excellent reviews and an average rating of 4.7/5.

INCI: Microcrystalline Cellulose, Sodium Bicarbonate, Silica, Sodium Lauroyl, Glutamate, Magnesium Stearate, Aroma Menthol*, Xanthan Gum, Stevioside, Citric Acid, Eugenol*. / *Natural mint flavor.

Minimum durability date: 12 months after opening.

Noticed : Our chewable toothpaste is not recommended for pregnant or breastfeeding women, as well as children under 7 years old.

Oceansrespect - Zero waste


Negative carbon footprint. 4% for the planet.

In order to protect our oceans, we are committed to donating 4% of our turnover to non-profit organizations committed to protecting the environment.

We work with communities around the world to create positive impact through different sustainable initiatives.

We do this through awareness, community support and environmental efforts like shoreline cleanups or tree planting.

We operate on a bold promise with a 100% fee-free model, meaning all donations go directly to the cause.

You can view the list of partner initiatives here .

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